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Hello everyone and welcome to the first article of

In this blog, you will discover useful tips for fundraising, interesting news about fintech and start-ups. We will also share news about Colleo, the cause we support and various things we like.

First of all, what is Colleo? 

Colleo is the most practical solution to prepare a gift for a relative, a personal project or a fundraising for a charity.

We all know how challenging it is to raise money on time, for someone’s birthday, with the traditional envelop. We all live in different places, we are not all here at the same time at work, the envelop is lost in the office, etc. Thanks to Colleo, fundraising is not an issue anymore.

Colleo allows you to create an online page which you can share by email and social medias, in order for you to raise money for all sorts of initiatives. Your friends, colleagues and family can then chip in, anywhere, anytime to help you achieve your goal.

In addition, we believe that Colleo can make the difference. Indeed, Colleo offers you the possibility to make a donation to a charity or a project. You only have to choose which amount and which charity or project.

When can I start fundraising with Colleo?

You can start fundraising with Colleo for various events:

  • Birthday: make a shared gift to someone by collecting money among a group of friends, family, colleagues.
  • Wedding: raise money among your relatives for your honey moon.
  • Challenge yourself for a charity: do you want to run for a cause? Colleo allows you to promote your challenge and raise money for the charity you’ve decided to support.

These are the most common ways to use Colleo, but you can use Colleo in many other cases: birth, wedding list, farewell party, travelling project, death of a loved one. We believe that Colleo can support you at any time when it comes to raise money for a major life event.


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